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       The Department of Anatomy and Physiology (part of the Institute of Life Sciences) has held a round table entitled "The Contribution of Russian Science to Personal and Societal Development, Levels of Development as a Civilisation and the International Authority of the Nation” to mark Russian Science Day.


       Professor L.I. Gubareva, Dotsents L.V. Litvinova, E.V. Agarkova and S.A. Chagarova, Assistant Lecturer L.A. Chikhichina and 4th-year Clinical Psychology and Medical Biochemistry students took part in the event.


       The round table addressed issues arising from the interaction between medicine and physiology during wartime, the international-level contribution of Russian academics to the development of neuropsychology, and successes in the field of psychophysiology. Dotsent Litvinova gave a presentation on "The Contribution of Emigrant Academics to the World's Scientific Achievements”.


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