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       "Genesisogram” is a new Larisa V. Litvinova’s psychotherapy method. Genesisogram is an unconscious methodology that uses the favorite animals for understanding behavior of person. Three animals discovered three types of behavior. Each animal connects with Sigmund Freud's structural id-ego-superegomodel of the mind.

       The word Genesisogram was created and first used in the beginning of 2012 by Larisa Viktorovna Litvinova. The word derives from the Greek γένεσις, meaning "origin", and γράμμα "letter".

       The first favorite animal describes superego. It shows the model of social behavior. The second favorite animal describes ego. This animal shows the model of unsocial behavior. The third favorite animal describes id. This animal controls the previously animals. Each of animals helps to understand the unconscious reason of behavior the person and find the right way for regulation relationship with other persons.

       Genesisogram is simple in using. It’s very important that choosing of favorite animals every person does not depends of geographical peculiarities of living of person, race or religious. This method joins deep unconscious preferences.

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