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    Welcome to my website!


     I'd like to say a little about myself. I was born on 16 February 1975 in the city of Stavropol, Russia. My father was an engineer, and mother is a biologist. After graduating from school with top    marks I did a degree in the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Information Technology at Stavropol State University. I simultaneously studied for a second degree in Practical Psychology, graduating  in the year 2000 as an “Information Technology Teacher & Linguist” and “Practical Psychologist in the Education System”.

     I immediately commenced postgraduate studies, where my work was connected with the influence of a hostile environment on the health of teenagers and the selection of methods to counter the  negative effects of these environments on the teenage population of Stavropol Krai. I successfully defended my thesis in 2003, becoming a Ph.D., and began to teach Psychology and  Psychophysiology in the psychophysiology department of Stavropol State University.

     My work encoraged me to master the methodological principles of psychotherapy, ie. psychoanalysis and guided affective imagery, and after qualifying as a psychotherapist I began to use my knowledge to work privately.

     In 2012 my interest in scientific research was revived and I began to explore the mechanisms of brain hemisphere domination and the morphological and anthorpological markers of inter-hemisphere interaction, including left and right-handedness. My initial results led me to theorise that these markers of hemisphere dominance might be reflected in finger and toe prints. My data  enabled me to formulate four rules regarding the dominance of left or right limbs based on dermatoglyphs, and I have now patented four associated computer programmes.

     At the time of writing my research continues as part of my doctoral thesis work, for which I hope to  be awarded the title of Doctor of Psychological Sciences (Professor). Expanding the scope of the work, I am investigating dermatoglyph-based biological markers of inherited predisposition to low, medium and high levels of intellectual, sporting and artistic achievement.

     I also continue to teach, and currently lecture on psychology and pedagogy to the staff of the pedagogy, psychiatry and special disciplines department at Stavropol State Medical University under the auspices of their professional training programme.

     Thank you for your interest in my scientific work. I look forward to welcoming you back to the pages of my site in the future in order to share news of progress. Until next time!


     Sincerely yours,