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       The Gold medal «European Quality» of «European scientific and industrial consortium» on the proposal of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences awarded an assistant professor of psychology, pedagogy and special disciplines of the Institute of postgraduate education Stavropol Federal Medical University Larisa V. Litvinova. She was awarded this prize for basic and applied research in the field of psychology and psychophysiology. Awarding of the Gold Medal «European Quality» is the public recognition of  Litvinova’ achievements in the development of new diagnostic techniques. [ ... Read more »

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       This program makes it possible to detect hidden left-handedness in children and adults of both sexes regardless of age. The fundamental data input it uses is the number of deltas contained in fingerprints, as defined E.R Henry's system of classification (1900). One of the quirks of the central nervous system is that hidden left-  handedness may become apparent in situations where a quick reflexive action is required, leading to an attempt to conduct the action with the left  hand. The program diagnoses hidden left-handedness in people employed in stressful conditions and/or in control of equipment designed for the  right-handed (eg. parachutists, pilots, drivers and so on). Timely diagnosis of hidden left-handedness helps to avert tragic accidents in the workplace.

       Program users enter fingerprint data separately for the left and right hands and feet. The program's functionality enables it to analyse hidden left-handedness for both hands and feet.

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Litvinova L.V. has got two Patent Licenses for computer program.





Patent_LeftReading       Patent_Hands_Feet 

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          The Success Scale computer programme has been developed to identify people of any age with a genetic predisposition to sporting achievement. The programme can help in the professional selection of children for fields of athletics in accordance with their genetic predispositions for success. The test results evaluate athletes' likelihood of success as one of the following three levels: High (a gold medal at the World Championships, Olympic Games or national championships), Middling (a silver or bronze medal at one of the above events) or Low. The test assesses levels of motivation (as self-motivation, motivation by external stimuli or weak motivation) and the role played by the trainer in the athlete's professional training. The programme is capable of determining genetic predisposition to ssporting achievement at any age, and thus may also be used to test adult athletes during selection for national teams which are preparing for major events such as the Olympic Games. The author is conducting research into both children and adults using this programme. A full report is compiled on each person tested. ... Read more »

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         L.V. Litvinova, Rome, Italy

         Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues and guests, it is my pleasure to present my report on the subject of "The Use of Early Diagnosis of Genetic Peculiarities To Create a Healthy Lifestyle”.

         Everybody here will be fully aware of the fact that correct diagnosis of a particular illness is half the battle in treating disease, and indeed in overcoming any hurdle. As a psychotherapist I have often found myself concluding th ... Read more »

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         Zh.N. Sivtsova and L.V. Litvinova

         Constant physical and emotional stress, high levels of resistance and the danger of experiencing traumatic events are characteristic of the work of the personnel of the Interior Ministry's Directorate of Extradepartmental Security. The rising number of incidents and the increased threat of acts of terrorism are currently placing additional responsibilities and duties on the officers employed on guard duties at sites of civil significance, one of which is the Sengileevskoe Reservoir, which provides the city of Stavropol with the majority of its potable water. The reservoir is guarded by officers from the Stavropol Krai department of the Directorate of Extradepartmental Security, which answers to the federal Interior Ministry. Our research aimed to investigate the psychological condition of these person ... Read more »

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          P.S. Klimov and L.V. Litvinova

          Greater development and functionality in the left hand rather than the right, which is generally a characteristic present at birth, is a well-researched phenomenon known as left-handedness. Hidden left-handedness is diagnosed when a left-handed person primarily uses his right hand. Forcible retraining of left-handed children often leads to nervousness, stuttering and involuntary urination, but many left-handers are able to write with their right hands with no particular difficulty.

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         L.V. Litvinova

        Migraine is currently a condition whose symptoms can only be warned about, but not averted. The most commonly-encountered and characterisic of migraine amongst these symptoms are episodic and regular attacks of strong, debilitating head pain in one side (and occasionally in both sides) of the head. Migraine-induced headaches are not associated with a rise or sudden drop in arterial blood pressure, the onset of glaucoma or an increase in pressure inside the skull, but the patient remains vulnerable to serious head trauma, stroke and brain tumours, and sufferers liken the pulsing nature and intensity of the pain to vascular headaches rather than tension headaches.< ... Read more »

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       The Department of Anatomy and Physiology (part of the Institute of Life Sciences) has held a round table entitled "The Contribution of Russian Science to Personal and Societal Development, Levels of Development as a Civilisation and the International Authority of the Nation” to mark Russian Science Day.


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       L.V. Litvinova

       Research already conducted has established a direct link between the characteristic features of dermatoglyphs on the fingertips and toes and activity in ... Read more »

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         October 25, 2013 Associate Professor of Anatomy and Physiology (North-Caucasus Federal University) Larisa Viktorovna Litvinova read a public lecture on «Using of the peculiarities of four   temperaments at forming relationships at workplace and at private life». The event was held at the Management of non-departmental guard Ministry of Internal Affairs (Stavropol, Russia).

         In psychology, temperament refers to those aspects of an individual's personality, such as introversion or extroversion, which are often regarded as innate rather than learned. Historically, the concept of temperament was part of the theory of the four humours, with their corresponding four temperaments.

         Four temperaments is a proto-psychological theory that suggests that there are four fundamental personality types, sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable), choleric (ambitious and leader-like), melancholic (analytical and literal), and phlegmatic (relaxed and thoughtful). Most formulations i ... Read more »

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       Larisa Viktorovna Litvinova has been accepted as an active member of International Academy of Natural History, European Academy of Natural History and European scientific and industrial consortium (№3491). From 2013 she is Member of Scientific consulting groups Academy of Natural History.

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       "Genesisogram” is a new Larisa V. Litvinova’s psychotherapy method. Genesisogram is an unconscious methodology that uses the favorite animals for understanding behavior of person. Three animals discovered three types of behavior. Each animal connects with Sigmund Freud's structural id-ego-superegomodel of the mind.

       The word Genesisogram was created and first used in the beginning of 2012 by Larisa Viktorovna Litvinova. The word derives from the Greek γένεσις, meaning "origin", and γράμμα  ... Read more »

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     Japanese Folktale

     Many, many years ago there lived a good old man who had a wen like a tennis-ball growing out of his right cheek. This lump was a great disfigurement to the old man, and so annoyed him that for many years he spent all his time and money in trying to get rid of it. He tried everything he could think of. He consulted many doctors far and near, and took all kinds of medicines both internally and externally. But it was all of no use. The lump only grew bigger and bigger till it was nearly as big as his face, and in despair he gave up all hopes of ever losing it, and resigned himself to the thought of having to carry the lump on his face all his life. 

       One day the firewood gave out in his kitchen, so, as his wife wanted some at once, the old man took his ax and set out for the woods up among the hills not very far from his home. It was a fine day in ... Read more »

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L. V. Litvinova, E. A. Chernov, A. A. Timakov, A. Y. Bochkov, V. G. Shepilov

         The research of laterality was made in two ways. The first one is researching the motor lateralization (preferring to use right or left eye, foot and facial muscles). The second one is researching the lateralization of sensory system.

         Experimental group was consisting of 24-39 years old males. They were the clients of rehabilitation center "The Country Against the Drugs” (Rostov-na-Donu). To the moment of investigation their drug abuse were from 5 to 25 years. Laterality was investigated by hand, feet, eyes, ears.

         The result shows that 16% of experimental group preferred ... Read more »

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L. V. Litvinova, E. I. Akhrieva

         In this project we investigated Arabic language from the point of view of their authentic and antagonistic of European languages. In contradistinction to European languages Arabic has another direction of writing and construction. The view of Arabic text is cursive form during writing and printing. Direction of writing is from right to left. Arabic is atypical language of right hemispheres.          These peculiarities govern a cognitive and mental process of people speaking Arabic from childhood.

         It is worth noting that studyi ... Read more »

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